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Michael Leannah


Michael Leannah has more than thirty years' experience in elementary and middle schools.

Leannah is an author writing fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. He is the award-winning author of Something for Everyone: Memories of Lauerman Brothers Department Store, and the children's picture books Goodnight Whispers, Most People, and Farmer Huckinshuck's Wild Ride.

Leannah's children's stories have appeared in magazines in the United States and Australia. His award-winning radio plays have been performed in many cities.

He lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Learn more about Michael on his website.


most people
Goodnight Whispers

Festival Testimonials

This was awesome! Great glimpse into life of artist.
I loved the intimate feel of it.
...I loved seeing how the artist does her drawing because I want to be an artist when I'm older.