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Mike Lowery

Mike Lowery’s illustrations have appeared in everything from greeting cards to children’s books—and the bestselling Workman’s Kid’s Awesome Activity Calendars.

Doodle Adventures is the first series he has both written and illustrated. Called “clever” and “engaging” by Booklist, the Doodle Adventures series stars the grumpy Carl the Duck and his adventures around town and in outer space. Readers are encouraged to write and draw in the books, making themselves part of the adventure! The third book in the series, Doodle Adventures: The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat!, will be published in the summer of 2017.

Mike is the illustrator of the popular Gingerbread Man series with Laura Murray (The Gingerbread Man Loose in The School, The Gingerbread Man Loose at The Zoo), the non-fiction Junior Genius Guides written by Ken Jennings, and two books with Rebecca Kai Dotlich - All Aboard! and What Can a Crane Pick Up?.

Mike shares daily sketches on Instagram @mikelowerystudio and is the co-founder of Paper Ghost Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Learn more about Mike Lowery on his website.  

Q&A with Mike Lowery

We caught up with Mike for a few minutes and here are the things we learned about him during our Q&A.

Q1: What three things would we always find in your creative space/studio?

Mike: Coffee, my wife (who is also an artist; we share a studio), and my sketchbook.

Q2: When did you know that you wanted to be an illustrator?

Mike: As a kid, I really wanted to draw newspaper comics, like the Far Side or Calvin & Hobbes.  I never wanted to be anything other than an artist...so, I'm glad it worked out. It's the only thing I know how to do! 

Q3: What authors have most inspired you?

Mike: I used to read a lot with my Mom as a kid, and the first long-ish book that I can remember with her was Matilda by Roald Dahl. I was hooked. We read everything he put out: The Witches, BFG, etc. I'm also a fan of Gary Larson, Bill Watterson, Edward Gorey, and plenty of others.

Q4: Our festival theme this year is Twists & Turns. Which would you rather play, Twister or dominoes?

Mike: Oh, dominoes for sure. Though I would have to be reminded how to play. It's been a while.


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